Holiday Fun at Dewberry Farm

During the Christmas tree season most of the fun-filled activities will be available that are normally available during the Fall season.  However, some days we may not have sufficient employees to staff all of the activities.

Dewville Express Railroad
Ride the mile-long Dewville Express Train to Christmas Tree Forest.

Little Farmersville
This is our special place for visitors 6 years and under. They can ride a trike around “Pedaler’s Avenue”, rock on old-fashioned spring horses, and much more. Plus, we have a nice shady barn for older farmers to watch the young ‘uns play.

Fort DewHickey
Explore a giant frontier log-hewn play fort. A great photo op!

Old-Fashioned Carousel
A 30-horse carousel is one popular attraction!  Yep, an old-fashioned merry-go-round, complete with music and mustangs.

Cow Train
Every kid that comes to the Farm wants to ride. With 20 cars, it’s the longest barrel train in Texas.

Hay Mountain
An old favorite at Dewberry Farm, it’s about 6 feet high bales of hay stacked to climb with suspended ropes to swing into the hay.

Pedal Carts
One of the most popular attractions at Dewberry Farm. Like go-carts except people-pedal-powered.

Kidilla Hoppers
Three giant inflated bubble-looking vinyl tarps with edges anchored in the ground. Our first one was such a hit that we added two more for the smaller farmers.

Slide Mountain
Thirty feet tall and eighty feet long, you’ll be able to look out over the farm and then choose from three slides to whizzzz down the mountain.

A low altitude, high excitement activity featuring 6 ziplines.

Farmer Flinger
Grab a rope handle and hang on for a little whirl around the pasture.

Giant Roller Slide
Come a’rolling down the slide, instead of skooting on your patootie.

Remember, Apple Cannon, Punkin Hollar, Pig Races, Pony Rides, Barn Yard and Flower Patch are not available during the tree season.  The only hayride available is to and from the Christmas tree fields.