Holiday Hours and Christmas Tree Prices

Free Admission to the Farm During the Christmas Season for All

Free Season Passes for 2014 Fall Season to Christmas Tree Buyers


Free Dewberry Farm Tokens to Christmas Tree Buyers:

Christmas Tree buyers have the choice of receiving free Fall 2014 Season Passes to the Farm or Free tokens.
Receive one 2014 Season Pass ($20 Value) for each $50 of pre-tax tree cost (example: a $135 tree = 2 free Season Passes)


$25 to $75 tree purchases get 5 tokens, $75 to $125 trees receive 7 tokens, and more than $125 receive 10 tokens.

Each token has a one dollar value and can be used anywhere on the Farm except paying for your tree.
Unused tokens cannot be redeemed for cash.


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The trees are priced by type, height and quality. We accept VISA, MasterCard and cash.  There is an ATM on site, for your convenience.

—– Food Available on Saturdays/Sundays and Black Friday Only —– 

A large variety of food will be available including pizza, hamburgers, turkey legs, roasted corn, sausage on a stick, bbq and much more!